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HighPoint Roofing Company

Roofing Above the Rest .... 323.945.4083
HighPoint Roofing Company
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                                        We Offer Quality and Affordable Roofs from Tile to Shingles for Residental and Commercial. 
                                                  We make it convenient and easy to select the right roof for your needs. 
                                       You’ll get the most protection for your home or business with quality roofing products that
                                        provide maximum durability, wind resistance and energy efficiency.  Guaranteed.
HighPoint Professionals have the experience and workmanship.
Because our standards and quality Worksmanship is exceptional.
 We are dedicated to providing prompt roofing services, quality workmanship, and exceptional results to all our valued customers.
                                       Quality and Affordable Roofs
              HighPoint Roofing Company
              Lic. #958568
              Contact: Derrick Maldonado
              323 945 4083

     Hours Monday- Saturday 10am - 6pm   Sun closed PST
     Additional Information & Appointments
            323 945-4083  
     Serving Southern California